About Us

The building which now houses Centreville Academy, was opened in September 1974. At that time, it provided educational services for the K-6 children of Centreville and Wareham. It replaced two school buildings which had been consolidated for the delivery of educational services for these communities in 1968.

The school system was further consolidated in September of 1980 when the children from Indian Bay and Trinity were combined with those from Centreville-Wareham. Two school buildings continued to provide services K-4 at Centreville and 5-7 at Trinity - St. Alban’s - under two administrations.

In September1985, one administration was put in place for the K-7 system with two buildings providing services. In the summer of 1988, an extension was added to Centreville School - which included 3 primary classrooms, a Guidance and Health room, plus a staff room extension. In December of that year, the students and staff at St. Alban’s moved to Centreville, thus completing the total reorganization of Primary - Elementary in this area.

Eventually, Centreville Academy was made a K-8 school and finally, in September 2009, a K-9 school with high school students continuing their education at Jane Collins Academy in Hare Bay. There have been four principals at Centreville Academy since its opening in 1974, Mr. Cyril Cutler (1974 - 1999), Mr. Greg Drover (1999 - 2004), Mrs. Trina Rogers (2004- 2022), and Mr. Jeremy Chippett (Present).